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Q:  How do I qualify to accept Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments for my rental unit(s)?

A:  Once you have a Housing Choice Voucher tenant come to you to rent a property, and you have completed tenancy screening along with the required voucher program forms, the unit you wish to rent will need to pass a health and safety inspection.

Q:  How much may be charged for rent?

A:  Caseworkers evaluate rent reasonableness of the housing unit. The proposed rent will be compared ot the rent for other units on the market of similar size, features, and amenities.

Although there are no HUD “ceilings” on the rents charged in the voucher program, rents must still be reasonable and comparable to those charged for similar unassisted units. The housing authority bases the determination of reasonablesness and comparability on rental market information.

Q:  Am I allowed to collect a security deposit?

A:  The owner/landlord may collect a security deposit. Tenants are responsible for paying the security deposits. AHA does not provide security deposits.

Q:  How are AHA and tenant portions of rent determined?

A:  AHA calculates the maxmum amount of housing assistance allowable. The maximum housing assistance is generally the lesser of the payment standards minus 30% of the family’s monthly adjusted income or the gross rent for the unit minus 30% of the monthly adjusted income.

Q: May an Owner sell a property occupied by Section 8 tenant?

A:  As a provision in the HAP contract, the owner may not assign the contract to a new owner without the prior written consent of the housing authority. Therefore you must notify us if you put the property on the market for sale.

Your housing authority representative will provide you with a form to complete if the ownership or management of a property changes. Be prepared to provide all pertinent information requested to document the change.

Q:  Are rent increases allowed?

After the initial term of the lease, the owner may increase the rent with 60-day notice to the family and the housing authority. The proposed increase must be reasonable. Remember, your lease must allow for rent increases after the initial term. Any increase cannot make the rent greater than that charged for comparable unassisted units.  Request for Increase in Rent can be found in our Landlord forms page.

Owner/Landlord must submit a signed copy of the Notice of Rent Increase Form. Section 8 Department will verify through Rent Reasonable Comparison that the requested rent is no more than the rent you are charging and comparable, unassisted units in your property. We ask that you follow New York Landlord and Tenant law requirements and serving a Notice of Rent Increase.

Q:  I’m selling my property, and the new owner wishes to keep accepting Section 8 vouchers. What do I need to do?

A:  Fill out the Change of Ownership Form and return it to Amsterdam Housing Authority Section 8 Department.

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