Amsterdam Housing Authority

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“The Amsterdam Housing Authority shall at all times develop and operate each project solely for the purpose of providing decent, safe, and sanitary housing for eligible families in a manner that promotes serviceability, economy, efficiency, and stability of the projects, and the economic and social well-being of the tenants.”

The Amsterdam Housing Authority will foster an innovative, diverse, dynamic, and productive team that works in a healthy, collaborative, and respectful environment towards a shared vision of excellence.

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners and staff of the Amsterdam Housing Authority, I welcome you to our website.  We hope that as you peruse our pages, you find value in them. 

We are committed to providing affordable housing throughout the City of Amsterdam. We are committed to our residents and tenants as well as being good stewards of the public monies entrusted to us. 

As the Executive Director of the Amsterdam Housing Authority, I am charged to ensure that issues do not become problems through proactive measures, addressing all challenges of various levels of importance.  Constantly having a sense of awareness is the only way this charge can become a constant reality. The bottom line is this…if we as an agency know about an issue, we deal with it head on using the appropriate rules and guidelines as the compass to chart our path toward making whatever the matter is right.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to myself or any member of the staff.

Welcome to the Amsterdam Housing Authority.  I hope you find our website helpful.

Damaris G. Carbone, Executive Director