Amsterdam Housing Authority

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Amsterdam Housing Authority, has implemented a new operational procedure to provide customer service to our Residents, Participants, and Landlords. Due to recent COVID-19 crisis, we are making it  MANDATORY for you to utilize our secure, online service portals.  These portals allow you to view information about your application and assistance, login and update your case file any time of the day or night, and submit income change information, work orders, pay rent, and much more. These new portals will save you the time and trouble it takes to come in to an appointment or contact us on the phone. 

What do you need to do to create a Portal account? 


You will receive an email/letter from Amsterdam Housing Authority which will give you instructions for logging into your Portal.  When you receive your registration code you can access your portal by visiting AHA Portals anytime by going to  AHA Family Portals from any web browser. 

  • Depending on your status whether you are an applicant, family, or landlord you will click on the create account button.
  • Before you can log in, you must register (one time only) with a registration code, we have assigned to you personally. It is a six (6) digit code that we have provided to you via email.
  • Please note, for security reasons, Registration codes will only be sent out by e-mail; Codes will not be given over the phone.  Once you have your PIN and are ready to register, please follow the instructions to complete your registration.
  • You will use only need to utilize this PIN number only once. You will choose your own user name and password, which you will set during registration. From then on, you will use your user name and password to log into the site. 


 Don’t forget to Sign-Out.

The Family Portal gives you easy access to:

  • View Your Rent Balance/Payment History
  • Pay Rent Online
  • Submit Work Order Requests
  • View/Edit Contact Information
  • View/Edit Bank Account Information
  • Secure Document Exchange

The Landlord Portal gives you easy access to:

  • View history of payments received
  • View upcoming inspections and the results of prior inspections
  • View currently occupied unit information
  • Print 1099’s
  • View/Edit Contact Information
  • View/Edit Bank Account Information
  • Secure Document Exchange

The Applicant Portal gives you easy access to:

  • Check your current status of submitted applications
  • Update information on submitted applications
  • Apply to additional waiting lists
  • Secure Document Exchange
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