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Assistance Connect

Amsterdam Housing Authority, has implemented a new operational procedure to provide limited customer service to our Residents, Participants, and Landlords. Due to recent COVID-19 crisis, we are making itMANDATORYfor you to utilize a secure, online service called MRI Assistance ConnectThis Assistance Connect website allows you to view information about your application and assistance, login and update your case file any time of the day or night, and submit income change information. This new website will save you the time and trouble it takes to come in to an appointment or contact us on the phone. 

What does Assistance Connect offer? 

  •          Improved communication between you and the housing staff.
  •          Allows you to view information about your assistance without coming into the office.
  •          Allows you to report Interim Changes and complete your Annual Recertification without
              coming into the office. 
  •          Allows you to submit requested or supporting documents without coming into the office.
  •          Allows you to track the progress of your interim changes.

What do you need to do to create an Assistance Connect account? 

  • Go to from any web browser. 
  • Depending on your status whether you are an applicant, tenant, or landlord you will click on the create account button.
  • Before you can log in, you must register (one time only) with a PIN number, we have assigned to you personally. It is a six (6) digit code that we have provided to you below  
  • Please note, for security reasons, PINS will only be sent out by mail; PINS will not be given over the phone.  Once you have your PIN and are ready to register, please follow the instructions below to complete your registration.
  • You will use only need to utilize this PIN number only once. You will choose your own user name and password, which you will set during registration. From then on, you will use your user name and password to log into the site. 

 Instructions on resetting your Password: 

NOTE:  If you are using a cell phone, click “View full site” located at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will give you the same display as shown on the instructions.
If you need to reset your password and both your phone number and email address have not changed do the following steps: 

     Step 1:  Enter your User Name and click on “Forgot Username or Password: 

     Step 2:  Click on Forgot my Password 

     Step 3:  Reenter your Username and click on Submit 

     Step 4:  There will be an option for you to choose to either receive a PIN number that will either be sent as a text to your phoneor in an email.  Choose the method you wish to receive the PIN number and click Submit. 

     Step 5:   If you opt to receive an email 

     Step 6:  Once you retrieve the PIN number—enter the 6 digits in the box and click Submit.  Next you will be asked a Security Question.  Once you answer the Security Question click Submit. 

    Step 7:  You will be asked to create a password.  Once you do this you may be prompted again to Create a new password.  Once this is completed it is recommended that you sign-in to ensure your new password works. 



Instructions on how to change your Email Address: 

If you need to change your email address you will need to do the following steps: 

     Step 1:  Enter your User Name and click on “Forgot Username or Password: 

     Step 2:  Click on “My Email Address Could Be Incorrect” 

     Step 3:  Click “I am a Tenant” and enter the required fields: 

               Last Name 

               Date of Birth 

               Social Security # 

               PIN # (you will need to call our office for your PIN # to be mailed to you.) 

               Click Submit 

     Step 4:  You will then be prompted to enter your new Email Address and then click on Reset  Email 

     Step 5:  Once you have successfully reset your Email, Assistance Connect will send you an Authorization email asking you to authenticate the new email address change.  Go to your email, find the email from Assistance Connect and click on the blue Authorization link in order to complete the process. 

     Step 6:   Once this is completed it is recommended that you sign-in click on your name in the upper right corner next to the Sign-Out and you will be able to view that your new email address has been successfully updated. 

Don’t forget to Sign-Out 


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