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Criminal Activity

Did you know if there is someone residing in your apartment that is not on your lease a crime is being committed? That’s right, when someone is residing in your apartment who is not on the lease, housing fraud is being committed. When you complete your recertification paperwork, you are legally required to list everyone residing in the household and income from each member listed. When you fail to list someone who is residing in your apartment, you have committed a felony by filing a false instrument. In addition to that charge, a larceny is committed because you are receiving subsidy that you are not entitled to. If the amount is over one thousand dollars, then an additional felony is being committed. The AHA will not tolerate fraud and will prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law. If you have someone staying with you who does not have their own legally established residence then that individual is residing with you!


Your lease allows only 14 days for an individual to visit for the entire year. Don’t risk being arrested by allowing a boarder.


We need your help!  If you know of someone who is living illegally on AHA property, please report it in our fraud section.   Everyone should pay their fair share of rent at the AHA!



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